CARRERA DIGITAL 1:24 23908 – Lola T70 MKIIIB – David Piper #58


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  • SYSTEM: Carrera Digital 124 – will work on analogue track system.
  • BODY: high detail
  • LIGHTS: front and rear brake lights
  • MOTOR: 18,000rpm @ 18v
  • SCALE: 1:24
  • ISSUED: July 2021
  • Model: 23908
  • Shipping Weight: 0.85kgs
  • Manufactured by: LOLA

Please be aware there is a known issue with the tyres spinning on the wheels on the Carrera 1:24 Lola T70s.
If this occurs with your model the options are:
1. Gluing the tyre onto the rim with a PVA glue
2. One of our 1:24 race groups suggests using ‘Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear’ (available from Woolworths etc) and coating the inside of the tyre and rim and when the lacquer starts getting tacky put them together to rest. It is grippy enough to hold the tyres but if you need to get the tyre off it won’t be bonded too hard and it can be cleaned with shellite.
3. Replace the tyres with MJK – rear tyre MJK4152 – front tyre MJK4325

The motor in this model requires a power supply providing 18 Vdc to achieve the rated 18,000rpm. The model will run slower on a power supply that does not deliver 18 volts.

Alternatively use the drop in RMS124C motor which then run the car @ 12v.