Slot.It Inline Adjustable Chassis

Features an adjustable wheelbase of 64 – 90 mm and adjustable front axle position


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x1 CH110 Inline Reverse Motor Mount 0.5mm offset

x1 Motor MX16 V12/4 23000 RPM 170g*cm

x1 GI28-BZ Crown 28 teeth Ø15,9mm Bronze

x1 PI09 Inline Pinions 9 teeth Ø5,5mm

x1 CN06 Neodimium Magnet for HRS Chassis

x1 CH66 Clip Racing Pickup

x2 Rear Hubs Aluminum PA24-Als Ø15,8 x 8,2mm + inserts OZ type

x2 Front Hubs Plastic PA17-Pl Ø15,8 x 8,2mm

Slot.It Inline Adjustable Chassis

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